Kurius Games: Press Kit
Kurius Games, LLC

Based in Costa Mesa, California
Founding Date:
June, 2012
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Traktor Digger 3D
Traktor Digger 2
Traktor Digger
Tractor Crew: Gold Digger
Tractor Crew: Operation Cleanup
Gold Miner Rescue
Pet Fish Rescue
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Kurius Games is an independent game studio based in Southern California. It was founded in 2012 by Simon Kaulius, it's only member, who handles all of the software development, graphic design, audio FX, marketing, finance, and other operational needs of the company.

Kurius Games is passionate about making fully interactive games involving physics-based environments with realistic gravity and collisions. Kurius Games uses Unity3D to support multiple platforms including Android and iOS.
After playing Angry Birds when it was first released for Android in 2010, Simon knew he wanted to create physics-based puzzle games. Having never made a game before, Simon joined the AndEngine forums where he learned and developed his skills in programming mobile games. He wanted to create an original game, and decided that the best environment for a physics-based puzzler would be a construction site... Traktor Digger was born!

Traktor Digger was released in the summer of 2012 on Android only. It went viral and obtained 1 million downloads in just 22 days! To date it has over 10 million downloads on Android alone. With the success of Traktor Digger, and having been an extremely active member of the forums, Simon became the forum moderator of AndEngine. He felt good that he was able to give back to the community by helping all of the novice programmers who came to the AndEngine forums seeking to learn how to make mobile games.
After releasing a sequel to Traktor Digger which was a little too complex and not received as well by users, Simon decided to return to basics and develop a simpler tractor game reminiscent of the original Traktor Digger. In order to release this next game on multiple platforms, Simon turned to the Unity3d game engine. The result was the multi-platform hit game Tractor Crew: Operation Cleanup, which was released on Android and iOS. Soon after that success, Simon released a sequel called Tractor Crew: Gold Digger, with real digging action provided by dynamically destructable terrain. He then ended his run of tractor games by making a 3D version of the original Traktor Digger game.
Having fully played out the tractor genre of games, Kurius Games is now focussed on making other types of games which can be seen in the Portfolio section of this site.
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