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Traktor Digger 2 is the sequel to the highly popular tractor game, Traktor Digger, brought to you by Kurius Games! With almost 1 MILLION downloads worldwide, it is also one of the most popular tractor games for Android! In this sequel, you control tractors and trucks to clean the environment of toxic waste and deliver it to the mountainside where it will be stored deep underground. Many obstacles and challenges stand in your way, which you must figure out in order to clean the toxic waste from the environment.
  • Over 30 levels!
  • 5 tractors and trucks!
  • Realistic physics-based environment!
  • Progressively challenging levels!
  • HD graphics!
  • Available on Android!
The Crane Claw provides the easiest way to pick up objects from above. The claw can pick up absolutely any object and move it out of the way, or reposition objects so that the other tractors and trucks can drive over them. The claw can only move horizontally in areas that do not have red construction tape across the top of the screen.
The Bulldozer Tractor can push large piles of objects around very easily. The Bulldozer also specializes in breaking-up concrete, and paving dirt into new concrete. However, Bulldozer cannot pick up objects, that task is left to the other tractors. The Bulldozer Tractor can be flipped left or right, to drive in one direction breaking up concrete, then driving in the other direction to push the broken concrete to a new location, and then pave it as new concrete.
The Excavator Tractor can reach objects that are located very high or very low. The shovel has 180 degrees of freedom, and can move from straight vertical downwards, to straight vertical upwards. However, the Excavator Tractor cannot drive around. It rests on stationary legs and can only be positioned on the screen in areas that do not have yellow construction tape across the top of the screen. The Excavator Tractor can be flipped left or right, to pick up objects on either side of it.
The Tree Harvestor is an etremely versitile tool. It can grab onto a tree, cut it, strip the branches off, then cut tree into various sized logs. The Tree Harvestor can then position logs next to each other, then hammer them together to create long bridges, or other structures so that tractors and trucks can drive over them. However, the Tree Harvestor cannot pick up non-wood objects. The Tree Harvestor can move horizontally across the entire length of the screen.
The Dump Truck allows you to conveniently transport several objects at a time, rather than transporting each object one at a time using a tractor shovel. The Dump Truck can be flipped left or right, to receive objects on one side, then dump them on the other side.
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